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To successfully manage a home and community-based service (HCBS) program, you must successfully manage your data.

State and Federal agencies continue to require more and more reporting, analysis, and accountability for their program dollars. CareStar’s wholly-owned subsidiary, CareStar Information Systems (CSIS), helps HCBS providers manage this reporting and accountability with their applications and technology services.

In 1998, CSIS designed and built CareStar Enterprise, now known as CareStar Case Management System (CSCMS) as an internal solution to meet CareStar’s need to better record and track case management, assessments and provider management services.

Over the years, the system’s functionality was enhanced to keep up with the growing demands of one of our clients’ home care programs.


What Do We Do and Why Choose CareStar?

  • Clinical Application Development.
  • Case Management Expert Advisors.
  • Workflow directed dashboards.
  • Understand your needs to serve your clients.
  • Assessments customized to meet your specific programs and needs.
  • Case Management SaaS.
  • Analytical access to data and query tools.
  • Comprehensive Clinical Record.
  • Software built on 30 years of field-based Case Management expertise.



Who Do We Serve?

Government Agencies

CSIS can provide support to customers for numerous programs with multiple assessments. Our Case Management solution is delivered as Software and as a Service to our customers. It is built to scale, which means, we grow as you grow. CSIS provides Provider Management as well as a single solution for all Case Management and assessment customers. You have analytical access to data and both Provider and Client Portals. All our Software is secure and meets HIPAA, HITRUST and FedRAMP compliance requirements!

Managed Care Organizations

CSIS is a great solution for Managed Care Organizations. We provide Case Management and assessment software for target programs, Population Health, obtainment of HEDIS measures, as well as Home and Community-based programs. The software includes comprehensive Client Management and Provider Management. You have analytical access to data. We have both Provider and Client Portals, and the dashboards are workflow directed to maximize efficiency. CSIS can customize assessments for YOUR programs and specializes in designing custom clinical software. Our software is built to scale to any size program, allowing you to grow easily with the software. We can integrate with claims billing and payment processes, all on one platform that is HIPAA and HITRUST compliant.

Case Management Agencies

CSIS offers one solution for your different programs. We support multiple assessments and clinical record types and have 30 years of clinical expertise in the field. We will deliver based on your agency’s specific needs for the programs you manage. The dashboards are workflow directed, and the platform stores all business analytics in a manner, where it is secure and easy to access. Our solutions are built to scale to accommodate any size organization or program and delivered without any added infrastructure. We offer claims and billing integration and specialize in process improvement. In addition, we supply technical support and Help Desk Services for the clinical process.

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